Under the hood we are a tech company that distributes video

Through our own technology company adTEN we empower digital publishers, advertising networks and media agencies to get the most out of online advertising and online video. AdTEN enables owners and managers of websites, mobile sites and apps to monetize their traffic. Please read more about the proprietary ad server Ad10 and our syndicated online video platform YouPlay.

Implement our ad serving platform

Not satisfied with your current ad serving platform, or still looking for your first professional solution? PMG’s proprietary ad serving platform ad10 handles all kinds of ad formats including display, rich media and video ads for desktop and mobile websites, mobile apps and online TV. ad10 features intuitive user interface, very high performance, flexibilty, scalability and security and complies with all relevant industry standards such as the Interactive Advertising Bureaus (IAB) VAST standard and the Mobile Marketing Associations (MMA) standards. With ad10 you can manage your entire interactive ad inventory with one single system! PMG provides ad10 free of charge for all publishers in our ad network.

Empower your online TV

PMG’s YouPlay-platform enables publishers to start their own online TV channel. Publish your own video content or utilize the video content from existing YouPlay-content providers, such as Anagram, KeyTV and World Sports. Regardless of which, PMG will monetize the video content viewed on your site or app!

Visit platform.youplay.se to learn more about our Technology.